Hệ thống cáp treo

The Huong Pagoda Cable Car System is the complete equipment of Doppelmayr of the Republic of Austria, it is the old standing cable car maker accounting for majority market share in the world, the system is made according to the European standards.

The system is equipped with 45 cabins OMEGA III made in Switzerland; each cabin with automatic opening and closing doors, grips can take 06 passengers.

The line of cable car system is 1200m, together with 7 towers and 2 stations: Thien Tru and Huong Tich. The system includes 45 cabins, each cabin can take 06 passengers in maximum, the system can transport 1500 passengers per hour, the average speed of cabin is 5m/s, the system can be operated safely in any climate condition with intensity of wind under 6.

Each year, the cable car system is maintained by the experience workers of HUTRANCO under technical supervision of Doppelmay specialists. In addition, the system is still supervised, controlled and certificate granted by Vietnam Center for Control and Registration.