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Huong Son Transport and Tourism Joint Stock Company (HUTRANCO) would like to deliver to the customers the warmest congratulations.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Each year, the white apricot blossoms in the Huong Son forests and mountains when spring begins. Millions of Buddhists in the whole country flock to Huong Pagoda to attend the festival in area of Huong Son commune, My Duc district, Hanoi city; it is a pilgrimage of believers to the land of Buddha where Bodhisattva Quan Am led the monastic life to pray or merge their souls to the nature.

Huong Pagoda is a famous landscape not only for its beauty but also for spiritual culture of Buddhism of the Vietnamese people. Unlike anywhere, the Huong Pagoda is a complex of temples, caves and grottos linking with forests and mountains, and it becomes a cluster of vast beautiful sights with harmonious architecture of nature and man-making and creation of peaceful mountains, rivers and streams.

Annually, the sixth of January by lunar calendar is the festival, hundreds of boats go in and out to take passengers. The outstanding feature of the Huong Pagoda festival is seating on boat to admire beautiful sights of the land of Buddha. Therefore, once talking the Huong Pagoda we should thing about the barge which is the boat culture of Vietnamese people in the old time. To date, the paddling festival in the Huong Pagoda always creates strong passion for visitors.

Lords, kings and scholars of Confucius admired and appraised this beautiful landscape. In 1770, during the visit in Huong Son, Lord Trinh Sam initiated the festival lasting to the present time and carved five large Chinese characters on gate of Huong Tich Cave: Nam Thiet De Nhat Dong (it means the first class cave in Vietnam); later many poets came here to admire and appraise by writing the beautiful sights such as Chu Manh Trinh, Cao Ba Quat, Ho Xuan Huong, Xuan Dieu, Che Lan Vien…At present, the Huong Pagoda is not only valuable for a specific area but also for the national relics and spiritual life of the country, because it is the living value in continuous development for the culture of Buddhism of the Vietnamese people in the old time to date. 

To facilitate Buddhists of the whole country to worship Buddha and visit the beautiful sights of Huong Son, the Huong Son Transport and Tourism Joint Stock Company (HUTRANCO) was established, and then the cable car system of HUTRANCO has been put into operation since January, 2006; the system is the complete equipment made by Doppelmayr  of the Republic of Austria, it is the most advanced technology satisfying the European standards, the cable car starts going from Thien Tru station and arrives at Huong Tich station, the system is 1200m long with capacity of 1500 passengers per hour. The cable car system supports to remove congestion of the traffic from Thien Tru to Huong Tich cave and create favorable conditions for visitors.

It take about 7 minutes if you go by cable car from Thien Tru station to Huong Tich station, and you will feel not tired because you do not have to climb mountain some hours as before; and furthermore, you can have very beautiful view of magnificent and mystic nature of the whole area of Huong Son from cabins of cable cars, you also can worship and visit other temples of the complex of sights.

As a leading and first company of the whole country, HUTRANCO put the cable car into operation and safe service for millions of passengers. By continuous renovation of services HUTRANCO invested in enlargement of stations, waiting rooms for visitors. We hope that the passengers will feel relaxed and peaceful when going to the Huong Pagoda so that the Huong Pagoda make a strong impression on each visitor for religion and life with the accurate meaning of Huong Tich (aromatic impression).            

At last, on behalf of Management Board of Huong Son Transport and Tourism Joint Stock Company (HUTRANCO) I would like to deliver to the shareholders and customers the warmest congratulations, wishes and deep thanks because in the last time you contributed actively to success and development of HUTRANCO.

Best regards!

Chairman of Management Board of Huong Son Transport and Tourism Joint Stock Company (HUTRANCO)

Bui Manh Cuong